Thursday, May 17, 2018

Found in the archives of my notepad....

All the dating advice says to act like you're not interested in him. Act like you're not willing to make him a part of your life until he pursues you in leaps and bounds. I feel like I'd artificially manufacture aloofness just to find out that the reason we were impossible is because my heart was closed to the truth. I already fell in love with someone while keeping my heart shut, and had I left it wide open I never would've let myself see him as long as I did, because he didn't love me. So I'm no longer going to act aloof, I'm telling the man when I love him. I'm telling him if he's good or bad for me, I'm telling him if I want him, badly, if I miss him, and want his arms around me. I'm telling him that I'm hot or cold, that I'm for or against.

Image Source: Tumblr