Friday, November 4, 2016

What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything

"What would life be like if we had no courage to attempt anything"
-Vincent Van Gogh

What would your life look life if you didn't do the things that scared you?

Life- it sprouts, as is its nature. Out of the womb of a mother plant comes a seed that gets embedded in the soil. The seed germinates in the warm wet soil. Out of the soil the persistent proud shoots, breathing the air past the surface. Water falls, moistens its roots, moistens its tiny stalks as it continues to grow. As it persists into a young plant. Sometimes there are flowers. Sometimes those flowers bear fruit before they fall to the ground. The plant matures, growing bigger, taller, and stronger. Sometimes it lasts as the seasons pass, sprouting flowers and fruit again. And then it dies, but not without leaving behind seeds for the next generation, and a skeleton to fertilize the soil in preparation for those new seeds. 

Life doesn't stop because you do. Life isn't afraid.

Life happens not because you want it to, or because you care, but because that is its nature.
It's older than you will ever be. Remember that the things that happen in life are not for your benefit, but because that's the way things meant to be. Cycles of beginning, maturation, and death- they just happen. But you don't have to sit there as things happen around you. There's nothing keeping you from creating a life that you want that reflects your truth.

It's easy to forget that life isn't something you can get right or wrong.

There are no mistakes. Trees twist and turn in wild directions because they are seeking light and nourishment. Same as your soul. All the things that you've done already were somehow meant to happen, and if you think you've made a mistake, this is the moment to change. You can always change. 

The things that scare you are the universe calling your name. They are your gut saying GO DO THAT. 

Do it. Fuck it.

Image Source: Finn Beales