Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's keeping you from your deepest desires?

What keeps you up at night, just dreaming? 

Or what do you avoid the most, and so unsuccessfully battle with to keep out of your thoughts?

Your deepest desires, fueled by your soul calling, are your easiest path to enlightenment. They point directly to the deeper essence that flows through you, and infuses your every move and every emotion. Sometimes, these feelings are subtle. 

"I don't have a deep desire!" you say. "My life is just filled with the same thing over and over." 

Or this one... "I don't DESERVE my deepest desire." Meaning it's for people who have dah dah dah dah dah resources and lifestyle.

But can you really prove this? Can you really prove down to the wood grains in your table that what you believe is keeping you from your desires is true? 

In the middle of the night, our souls run and dance with our desires. Mine are real to me. Yours are real to you. If you ask hard enough, and clear the blocks to the real love and real essence that is within you, I promise that you will find your desires. They will come to you, and you will live the life beyond your wildest dreams. 

But are you ready? 

Are you really truly ready to give up what really aches inside of you and keeps you down? Sometimes what you believe is "important" in your life, but is really just a cheap obligation you put on yourself, is exactly what is holding you back from God. Yeah that long-term boyfriend you secretly hate? Or what about all those boxes of sentimental belongings (crap) that you have stored in your closet, saved for a rainy day? Or that thought "of course it's okay to have half of this chocolate bar, I worked out today!" Or that family member you feel obligated to help but is making you run around for hours while they complain and mope around.

All of those were me for a long time. I was addicted to being sad about how I couldn't have what I truly wanted. Now I see people around me- my colleagues, my boss, my boss's friends- who are living lives that bring them up, and challenge them. And they are showing up to those challenges and living and breathing their desires. 

Uprooted me like a carrot ripped out of the soil. Right into the farmer's (God's) hand. 

I realized I was sitting around waiting for my desires to come to me, to just appear and tickle me somewhere funny and then BOOM! I would be free and happy, and my world would be set. 

As I've seen from the work ethics in my colleagues... you get what you put in. Period. No divine intervention is going to serve you if you're not ready to shoulder the weight on your own. If you wanna pray for a miracle- work for it first. Work baby work. 

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