Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Here are some snapshots of my Christmas week in Waikiki. 

The vibes here are amazing- so gentle, and had so many spontaneous meetings and conversations with some awesome people. Hawaii truly is a magical place- as quoted by a wonderful native. The plants are awesome- I loved the tropical plants decorated with Christmas ornaments. And of course the beaches are awesome all year.

Christmas is an awesome time to go because the weather is perfect year round. It was about 75-80 deg F on Christmas day, just to give you a taste. It only rained once the whole week, and according to the locals it is definitely a rare thing to have bad weather. 

The shopping in Waikiki is extensive- there are so many stores that fulfill the tastes of people from all over the world. Some popular European brands I personally have never seen were there, for example. And the retail tax is only 4.6% compared to California's 7.5-10%! What a wonderful excuse to go relax on a Pacific island...

All in all, this was a really rejuvenating trip for the mind and body. I'm starting to incorporate a lot of what I've learned here back into my daily life at home. But I still secretly wish this henna tattoo were real.... 

Some recommendations for your pleasure: 

Na Ho'ola Spa at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki
My mom and I got the Kalo spa package- full body scrub followed by shower, creme application, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. You can also stay there for a while before and after treatments, enjoying the full-service showers, lounge rooms, and skincare amenities.

 Búho Cantina
Mexican. This place is very hip, definitely worth checking out for the younger crowd. Also very kid/family friendly. Located on a rooftop, dinner lit by a huge flame in the middle of the patio and string lights. Very tasty, real Mexican flavors.

Japanese/Hawaiian fusion. We actually ate here twice- once on our first night, and then on Christmas Eve. Try: Hawaiian Fresh Catch, Pulehu Ribeye Steak, and Duck Breast en Sous Vide. Their meats are cooked really well with the right texture. And their cocktails are also good- my favorite was the Blue Hawaii.


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