Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Peace and Love man, Peace and Love. 
It's been an unusually warm January here in California. As a sun baby I am definitely relishing in this half winter/half spring dance the earth is performing. Low-key 70's inspired look for today. Playing in the clovers with these Lucky jeans I found from the Nineties or something. Thanks mom ;) This sweater used to be oversized and now, well. Maybe one day it'll be a crop. 

Styling tip: The long flare lines of the jeans counter the horizontal stripes- the top bunches you up but the pants stretch you back out. Also: since the wider opening on the jeans can make your legs look wider, adding a pointy shoe makes for more of an elongated and polished look.


{American Apparel Sweater | Similar // Lucky Brand Jeans (oldies) // Zara Boots | Also Here // UO Sunnies }

Groovy photos by: Annie L.

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