Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Silence + Noise.
Black + White
Shiny + Dull 
Smooth + Rough 
Cold + Warm
Dry + Wet
To me, binaries are no longer about negative vs. positive. It's not about versus anymore. I am only beginning to understand that maybe that there is no right way, but rather beauty lies in both. 

I used to get frustrated when I asked a question or had a conversation with someone and got a bunch of different answers or different viewpoints tied into the one answer. It made me angry because I was looking for something that I thought existed in a singular form. 

But maybe the "capital T-Truth," as David Foster Wallace would say, is more than that. Maybe when we go through life looking for answers, searching for the correct input to get that desired output, maybe we have to flip it around. 

Maybe there is more beauty in just focusing on the input, omitting the focus on output. 

Or consciously creating the feeling of the output first and then allowing the input to follow on its own time.

My focus for this year is to be less results-oriented and more input-oriented. More happy in the moment. Letting go of future tripping. 

Because where does it get us, really? Yeah it's great to have goals and dreams but that's all they are. They aren't reality. I have achieved or manifested things and situations by only focusing on an outcome, but when they took immediate form I felt like I needed more, that after all that wishing the materialized desires didn't fill me up.

In the midst of these binaries, can we be a calming of the storm? Rather than parting the Red Sea of the mind, can we be the water?


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