Monday, September 1, 2014

VSCO SF Photo Diary

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Treasure Island Flea Market  + Sushirritos + Dolores Park. 
Such a beautiful day! Lost my Uber virginity today, and I must say that the drivers were very polite and the cars were very clean! Very fast response time in the City. 

Sushirrito is really yummy.. I got the Salmon Samba and it was really good. I usually just order simple things at sushi restaurants- my go-t0 plate is chirashi- so this was a very interesting change for me. Daniel got the Buddha Belly which is also very good.
**Make sure you go early! It gets packed and they run out of ingredients because there are so many customers!

The flea market on Treasure Island was huge! Lots and lots of vintage/handmedown type items, very cool. Also lots of artwork. The crown I'm wearing below is made of seashells! So pretty. Definitely worth the trip over the Bay Bridge (enjoy the old bridge while you can!) and there's no toll because you get off before you drive off the other side! 


Photos via my iPhone 5 + VSCOCam

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