Tuesday, September 2, 2014


For people who believe that the world is black and white (takers and givers, winners and losers), they will always find ways to see that their perception is true.

What you focus on you find.

A powerful businesswoman said that as her net worth grew exponentially she soon realized that the world is actually many shades of gray- not black and white. Art has taught me to see this clearly, and finally life is starting to make more sense. My drawing teacher taught me about negative space- a true artist is not only able to see the object that he is drawing, but also the space around it that separates it from other subjects in the frame.

When you start to see the world in this way- instead of a bunch of shapes in free fall we are actually spaces cushioned by space which cushions all other shapes in the universe- life becomes less daunting. Maybe we don't have to worry so much about getting it completely right every time because there will always be that little wiggle room in the middle. And when you are fully able to perceive not just the object of your attention but also the negative space around it, you can finally understand that the minor details actually make all the difference.

Photo by Betsy M.

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